Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter 2008-09 in Washington State

I love the snow, always have. When I was younger I loved to walk in the deep snow even during a driving snow storm. I don't do that these days, but I still love the snow. If it is going to be wintry, dark and cloudy then I say let it come! These days I'd rather sit inside in my comfortable recliner not far from the wood stove and just observe.

We've had quite our share in Washington state this winter already and at last it was beginning to slowly melt away. But, this morning we got up to freshly fallen snow and more is on the horizon later this week.

I've posted some photos to share for those of you who are interested and for those who love it and are not living where they can enjoy it.

This was Sassy in her first attempt to go outside. I think she was excited because as you see she jumped straight up into the air.

The snow is quite deep in our driveway as you can see from our Jeeps. The other photo is the view from my recliner near the window.


  1. You sound like you are nice and cozy during the winter and your dog is delightful. I love to look outside from in but do not want to walkd or travel in the snow. Have a lovely week.
    Kindest thoughts,

  2. Hahaha Sassy is just too CUTE in the snow. I wonder if she jumped so high cause the cold feel startled her? That is a LOT of snow. I would love to be in a warm chair in front of a fire, cozied up with a quilt and good book watching it. Snow is really beautiful!

  3. ooH Thank you so much for your sweet comments in my blog and for stopping in and adding me to your favorites. Congratulations on learning something new which I think we should do every day. It makes a person feel so good. I do not know how to do this.
    You know I have some lovely images of children with poodles that you might enjoy seeing on Ebay. They are vintage fabric blocks but could be framed. OOOh I am not trying to sell them to you...I just wanted you to see them...they are so cute. I will put one in my blog for a drawing
    so you can have a chance to win one of these images.
    Have fun today. The snow is still here in Indiana and I would love more sunshine.
    Happy days,