Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18, 09 My first posting

Today is the first time I have entered a blog or even had a blog for that matter. I wanted to begin a place to track our life with a tiny little girl we call Sassy. Sassy is a silver toy poodle. She is the second silver toy that I have owned but it took me 18 long years to find her.

The very moment I saw the ad I knew she was the one. She resembled my little Tiffany that I had many years ago. I knew she would never be Tiffany or even replace that particular spot in my heart. I was not even sure that I could ever love another the way I had Tiffany. But one thing I was sure of is that I wanted that tiny baby.
In this photo she was about 11 weeks old and weighed a whopping 1 1/4 pounds. She was mostly black as they are born that way and gradually turn to silver.
We called the breeder and I had to wait an entire 4 days to go see her. Those were the longest 4 days I can recall.
She was so tiny, standing only about 4-5 inches tall and no longer either. We brought her home and thus began our life with Sassy.
More to come......

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  1. Your little Sassy looks precious! Welcome to blog-land! I'm sure you will meet a lot of new friends out here.