Friday, January 23, 2009

Today I started my second blog!

Fashions seem to be the in thing with small dogs today. I have been doing some sewing for my toy poodle and for a friends toy poodle and have decided that I may as well turn this into a small business for myself.

The name of my second blog is: Canine Couture From Sassys. I have decided to start creating a line of fashions for fur babies everywhere. I know this will be a big endeavor on my part to discipline myself to work a certain amount of hours each day but I also know how much enjoyment I get from each creation.

From the simplest of house dresses to the holiday, party and special ocassions, I plan to cover it all. Each fashion will be hand created for you fur baby by giving me your neck, girth and length measurements.

For now I will only be shipping in the United States and perhaps Canada.

I am placing the link here although I have not posted there at this time. I plan to begin work on it later today. The link is:

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