Saturday, January 24, 2009

My wonderful online friend, Michelle!

I have a good friend that I met online playing canasta on Pogo one night. We have so much in common although she is about 22 years younger then I.

Since then we have met online almost every night to play canasta. Sometimes we play until wee hours.

We do a lot of chatting while we play and have such a good time. They are trying to plan a trip out next year to visit us. I sure hope they get to come.

I have met and made so many wonderful friends online over the years and have gotten to meet several of the women in person and even had them come to visit me.

If you read this Michelle, you are the best! You have become a very important part of my life since I am mostly homebound during the winter months. You are the next thing to a second daughter to me.

Luv ya!


  1. Isn't is crazy how close we get with some of our on-line friends?!?!

  2. Aww thank you Pat. That is so sweet of you to say about me. You have become like a mom to me. I can talk to you about anything and it helps out greatly.

    Love you.