Friday, January 23, 2009

Today was both good and bad!

WOW, fibromyalgia and arthritis are not fun. On top of that my tummy was acting up. So, I decided to spend a lazy day and stayed in my robe until way past noon.

Both my wonderful husband and my little Sassy can sense when I am feeling bad. These days are days when Sassy makes every step with me or cuddles me all day. In between the cuddles she has to stand in my lap and kiss mommy and get kisses back and loves to be hugged.

My dear husband, of course, wants to pamper me by going to ice cream or whatever makes me feel good. I get lots of hugs here too so I have had a good day in that aspect.

We are possibly expecting more snow so the weather is affecting my health. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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