Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor little Sassy had a problem today

My poor baby began scratching in a private area last night and by today the poor baby was miserable going around in circles and biting and scratching at herself so we took her to the vet.
She has a little vulva infection from one of several causes. It could be from grass, a bacteria she picked up in the yard, as a result of her recent first heat or a bug bite.

While we were there we also got her rabies shot. She was such a good little trooper, sat on the table backed up to mom, (me) and never moved or flinched. The vet also checked to see if she has retained any baby teeth and she has not, that is good. He checked her little ears, I use a good ear wash once a week but she won't let me pluck the hair out of the canal. But, she sat still and let the vet do it. He said her ears looked great inside so our ear wash works.

Everything else about her was perfect and everyone there had a fit over how cute and how good she was. She got a lot of treats fed to her there.

The vet also said that she has one of the best coats he has ever seen on a poodle. She really has thick coat.

We have some ointment for that itchy infection and she doesn't act at though the shot bothered her at all.

What a good girl I have!


  1. Your poor little girl. I hope she feels better soon. She sure sounds like a trooper!

  2. Poor Sassy... It's hard enough as a human to contend with those sorts of things. I can imagine with no verbal language skills and no knowledge of medicine, she must have been having a terrible time. She's so lucky to have you and Bill to care for her! I'm glad she's doing so well otherwise, and hope that infection clears up soon.

  3. Dear Pat,
    OOOh I am so sorry that Sassy is under the weather...very smart you took her right in. I hope she makes a remarkable recovery immediately.
    Thank you for the comment about a vest for Taber. I would love that but he is soooo small...I think I will wait until he is grown so he will get the most wear out of one of your creations. I cannot wait to buy him one of those striped hoodies. I love those.
    Have a wonderful time crating.

  4. Oh, poor little Sassy....I hope by now she is feeling much better.♥